We are starting a new church.

This new church will seek to love Jesus, love people,
and help cultivate the culture in Chorlton.


Gospel formed. The story of the gospel is the story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation. We hear about it through God’s Word and talk to God about it through prayer. This is the story that Jesus writes.

Family. In the gospel, God takes us out of our isolation and gives us a family. We share our lives with each other, love and work for each other. This is the family that Jesus gives us.

Mission. This gospel formed family is called to be generous toward others, loving them by seeking their good and inviting them into our lives. This is the mission that Jesus leads.


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Our Values

  • Biblically rooted. The Bible is the foundation of all we do. It contains God's Word to us and we seek to apply it to all areas of life.

  • Gospel centred. The gospel is the grand story of redemption that God is writing. It's the good news of God's pursuit of us, accepting us as we are and loving us so that we can grow. Everything begins and ends with the gospel.

  • Mission driven. God's people aren't meant to just hold meetings for themselves. To follow Christ means exactly that—to follow Him on His mission in renewing all things.

  • Relationally committed. We are not called to do life by ourselves, but in real community with each other. That affects everything, from decisions we make, to meals we share, to how the church is organised.