As a new church in Manchester's neighbourhood of Chorlton we could have chosen any kind of name, so why did we choose the name Redeemer?

We are all looking for something to tell us we're good, we've made it, we're doing ok. So we buy certain kinds of houses, and cars, and eat certain foods (or decidedly not buy certain kinds of houses or cars or eat certain foods). We listen to certain kinds of music, identify with certain types of political ideologies, and the list goes on.

In our consumption and our choices, we are attempting to create an identity for ourselves. We are looking for good in this world, we are looking to be a part of what's good in this world. This is redemption and we are all looking for it.

But what if redemption wasn't found in what we do, but in what someone else has done for us?

Christianity has taught that redemption isn't found in our choices or actions or even beliefs, but in a relationship with a Person. The Redeemer.

While we were out trying to find goodness ourselves (and let's be honest, falling short of that), Jesus came to us and offers us Himself. All our hopes about what goodness is and how to be included in can be found in Him.

The relationship we have with this Redeemer changes everything about us, down to our identities. Fundamentally, the core of who we are is changed when Jesus meets us. He gives us a new identity, one that actually is good. Then, in this new identity, we see the outer parts of us change as well: our actions, beliefs, and choices.

This is why we chose Redeemer for our church in Chorlton. We believe that Jesus, the Redeemer, has come to give us the new identities we long for, and that enables us to live the way we would hope to. We believe this isn't just good news for our church, but good for Manchester as a whole as we seek to serve the city we call home.