In Manchester as in Heaven

In Manchester as in heaven is a prayer of hope. It’s asking God to have this world reflect something better.

It can also be a cry of pain, as we have yet to experience this world as it ought to be. We all bear the scars from living in a world that is far from perfect.

Saying “in Manchester as in heaven” is also a protest. It means taking a stand against all that seeks to destroy us and our world, pushing back everything that stops us from being humans fully alive.

When Jesus taught us to pray, one of the lines he told us was to ask our Father to work “on earth as in heaven.”  God is building a family here on earth, one that reflects a new way to be human and flourish in this world, one that aches and yearns and sometimes even cries out to say, “in Manchester as in heaven.” Even in the midst of pain, though, this family is hopeful as it looks to the King to set things right.

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