As a church, Redeemer started 2019 out with a focus on generosity asking how can we be more generous to Manchester, our friends, neighbours, and colleagues. We are still quite a young church so we wanted to get on the right track from the start. We know God loves Chorlton and Manchester, and we want to be aligned with Him and His mission as a church.

As a followup to that brief series we created a guide that we hope will help anyone to grow in their own practice of generosity. You don’t need to be part of our church or even live in Manchester to use this. It is our hope that we as God’s people would live out the freedom we have in Jesus, being freed from our consumerism to live more generous lives.

About the Generosity Guide

The guide has three sermons, each accompanied by a chapter recap. Each chapter has a Bible passage with a brief explanation that focusses on the theme of generosity present in the passage. After this there’s a sample way to pray, to think, and to act at the end of each chapter. These truly are samples, as they’re far too short to be comprehensive. They function more like starting points. It’s up to you to pray more through these passages, think more upon them, and live them out in your life. Even better, invite someone else along with you and grow in generosity together.

It is our hope that this will help you grow out of consumerism and grow towards generosity in all of life.