Our vision is to spark a movement for Jesus in Chorlton.


To do that, we are joining God to bring wholeness to Manchester. We long to see Manchester filled with communities of light, surrendering to Jesus’ words and living them out as a family.




Greg Willson

Greg is Redeemer's church planter. It is his passion to help cultivate an environment where God’s glory shines, bringing wholeness to individuals, neighbourhoods, and the city. This has led him to serve in various positions in local churches since 2005. Be it in the arts, the workplace, or the living room, God is in the process of creating a people for Himself to reveal His glory to and reflect His glory out in their everyday lives. Greg seeks to join God in His mission.

Greg was sent from Grace Church Manchester and Riverside Community Church to plant Redeemer in Chorlton. He received an Masters of Divinity degree from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. He is part of the Acts 29 family of diverse, global church planting churches.

Greg, Christina, and their son Colin, enjoy being able to live in Manchester. You can read more about Greg at gregwillson.com

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What We Believe

We are a gospel formed family on mission.

Spark a movement for Jesus in Chorlton.

Joining God to bring wholeness to Manchester.

Distinctives to Redeemer
What does being the church in Chorlton specifically look like for Redeemer?

We have been given everything in Christ, so we are free to live generous lives. We are blessed to be a blessing.

The gospel isn't just a true story, it's a beautiful story. We are called to reflect that beauty in our lives.

We are God’s family and are devoted to God. We are also family with each other, and are devoted to our fellow brothers and sisters. We are also devoted to God’s mission in our world.

We are all broken people in the process of being made whole through Jesus. We share that reality with others.

Being made rich in Jesus frees and enables us to take risks we wouldn't have otherwise.

Our end goal isn't just to grow Redeemer or existing ministries, it's to launch new churches and ministries.

We seek to contribute to a healthy gospel ecosystem for the city, including (but not limited to) church planting. To this end, we also partner with existing charities, ministries, and networks to bring wholeness to our city.

Since we seek to follow Jesus, we hold to the historic Christian beliefs of the Bible. You can read more about those through the FIEC Statement of Faith.